Monday, July 17, 2017

Do You Save Your Bonus Triangles?

Sometimes I do. Mostly I leave them buried in the seam allowances of my quilts. My mom, on the other hand, saves hers and actually uses them. Look at this adorable little mini quilt: 

The half square triangles finish at 2", so I'm guessing with the border it's 16"x18"  The bonus triangles and the border fabric came from this project:

The half square triangles in this one are even tinier, finishing at 1"

Think I should start actually cutting those triangles off?


Libby in TN said...

I almost always trim, but do I use the trimmings? Sometimes, however I draw the line at anything that will finish less than 1-1/2".

Amanda Best said...

I save all my bonus triangles and I do occasionally make other projects with them. I have made several mini quilts with them. I love the tiny ones. Your mom's projects are wonderful!

mpv61 said...

I save anything usable, including bonus triangles. Bonus triangles mean bonus quilts! They don't have to be mini-quilts, either, you can use them as just a part of a bigger quilt or save up all the little bonus triangles for a long time. I like your mother's first bonus quilt more than the quilt it came from. Both are beautiful, but I love all those little squiggles!

Mam said...

I keep a plastic bag next to my sewing machine and all bonus triangles are saved in it. I'm hoping to do a large quilt using all the different size triangles

Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

Yes, I will save them with for use in future scrap projects. I do like them to be at least 2" if I am going to save them. I have been rethinking that recently with all the fun crumb projects I've been seeing. Have a great day! --Andrea

chrisknits said...

I keep some, but nothing ridiculously small. I do have some close to that 1" finished piece, but I think I gave up trying to deal with them at that size!


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